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Construction Update


Civil construction is expected to commence from early in 2016, subject to approvals. We will be taking a number of steps to minimise inconvenience to the community during construction. 


To ensure a safe environment for the community, a traffic management program will be implemented to maintain safety of vehicles and pedestrians at all times. 

Measures will be put in place to limit dirt and debris being tracked onto local roads and the civil contractor will monitor any impact on surrounding roads and additional street sweepers will be used as required. 


State legislation permits construction works between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, however we anticipate that work will usually cease by 4pm and Saturday work is unlikely to be frequent. There will be no construction work on Sundays or Public Holidays unless prior authorisation is provided by Council. 


Dust caused by construction works will be controlled by:

  • Dust reduction techniques, including the use of water carts during construction.

  • Dust mesh will be installed as required to reduce airborne dust.

  • Hydro-mulching and natural stabilising techniques following completion of construction.


Erosion and sediment control strategies will be implemented to protect downstream waterways during construction. Ellendale has been designed to include best practice stormwater detention and treatment measures to ensure the properties downstream are not adversely impacted by the development of the site. In conjunction with the proposed waterway rehabilitation works and stormwater quality treatment basins, the proposed development is likely to result in a net benefit to the health of the waterways through the site and downstream.


Cedar Woods values the importance of safety procedures and will implement industry best practice strategies during the design and construction of Ellendale. The civil contractor is required to complete a detailed occupational health and safety management plan which will be audited externally prior to construction.


Should you have any queries relating to construction works please feel free to contact Cedar Woods Properties on 07 3007 2900 or contact us.

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