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Extensive planting underway


Tens of thousands of trees, shrubs and groundcovers will be planted at Ellendale over the coming three months, with the extensive revegetation of the nature corridor north of stage 3 underway.

The final planting in the stage 1 and 2 nature corridors is also in progress, with the onset of cooler temperatures ideal for an additional 4,500 trees, which will add to the 155,000 trees, plants and groundcovers already planted in this area.

The corridors and open spaces have been positioned in areas with the highest ecological value or which offer favourable characteristics for establishing vegetation, providing long term habitat and encouraging fauna movement.

The corridors are rehabilitated with native vegetation similar to what exists elsewhere on the site or was present prior to farming activities, which commenced approximately 40 years ago.

As was the case for stage one and two, trees removed from the site are within approved development areas and this removal is offset by the significant revegetation being undertaken in the corridors which creates meaningful habitat.


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